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About Fiducia TechneGroup

Fiducia TechneGroup helps companies improve the reliability and quality of their products and processes. We offer over 25 years of experience working with major international companies recognized globally for the reliability of their products and processes.

Fiducia TechneGroup’s customers have had great success reducing warranty and repair costs, increasing availability and reducing time to market.

Some of our customers’ achievements are:

• Up to 90% improvement on average failures per year on their product line.
• Reduce testing costs by up to 33%.
• Most of our customers have deployed our methods company-wide; some have seen reductions of up to 68% in warranty costs.

Our Services

Our Mission: To help companies develop a culture of Reliability, from design concept to customer usage. Reliability that extends over the expected Lifetime of a Product.

Reliability Processes (RLCM)

Reliability Life Cycle Management is a methodology that takes a structured approach to the management of...

Reliability Benchmarking (RLCMi)

Reliability Life Cycle Management Index is a reliability measurement system that provides a framework to map...

Reliability Training

Because reliability is not solely achieved by mathematics and statistics, but with a systematic inclusion of...

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